Telemetry for tanks and meters

For Energy Distributors, Property Managers, Industries & Garage Workshops, Individuals

Enabling Stock Optimization with Telemetry

Supervize your tanks of heating oil, LPG, diesel, lubricants & waste oil

For Property Owners, Energy Consultants, Property & Real Estate Managers

Enabling Energy Efficiency

Retrieve the consumption of electricity, gas, water, and heat meters in your buildings

We deliver turnkey solutions for tank and meter monitoring

How it Works

We Install telemetry solutions

We maintain a network of certified technicians to install our solutions to almost any tank or meter

We Measure & Connect

We deploy the latest generation of sensors and modems

We Empower the Data

We get all your data online on our MySilentSoft® platform, for easy stock and consumption monitoring, alarm configuration, etc.

We thrive to exceed our customers expectations

Success Stories

Migrol optimises its
heating oil logistics
with StockView™ telemetry

Shell awards global telemetry contract to SilentSoft

Naef Immobilier
smoothes its buildings
heating oil supply with
StockView™ telemetry