CompanyEquipe SilentSoft 2024

New start, same mission

In early 2024, we have decided to share with you our vision for the future and to understand our strategy, it is important to look back at our history.

Looking back on the history of SilentSoft

In the late 1990s, the founding fathers of Silentsoft, Jean-Luc Mossier & Fabio Cesa, came up with the forerunning idea of collecting data to facilitate decision-making in energy management.

The startup was launched on the EPFL campus where they developed cutting-edge measurement tools.

After installing over 40,000 measurement points in 15 European countries, SilentSoft evolved to become a well-established European leader in the Internet of Things industry.

Our goal has always been to meet our clients’ needs by providing them with specifically tailored services.

A new positioning

Everything changes, and a company must adapt to survive. Today, locality, precision, and sustainability are our priorities. That’s why we’ve decided to focus exclusively on our Swiss clientele. To achieve this, we have a dynamic and motivated team ready to tackle all new challenges. We are already working on additional services and new measurement systems that will provide you with more insights into your various buildings. We will continuously keep you informed, and above all, we are always open to discussion.

A new platform for our clients

In 2024, we are releasing a new version of the Sevendays platform that will be more ergonomic, faster, and will give you access to additional data.

Same mission, always

Our goal remains the same: to provide you with precise data for easy decision-making regarding the energy supply of your various assets.

Motivated and with positive energy, we start this new year.

May this new year 2024 be filled with happiness, success, and memorable moments for you and your loved ones.