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Equipe SilentSoft 2024

A new start

In early 2024, we have decided to share with you our vision for the future and to understand our strategy, it is important to look back at our history.

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Ultrasonic and Pressure sensor telemetry solutions for tanks

From the very start of tank telemetry in 2000, two main sensor technologies have existed to monitor liquids in tanks: ultrasonic and pressure sensors. With 20 years’ experience in telemetry installations, SilentSoft is sharing practical use cases where the installer may select the best implementation.

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2G / 3G Sunset: Managing a real life case study

As telecom operators are freeing up spectrum resources to introduce 5G, certain 2G or 3G networks are planned to be switched off. This is likely to have severe impacts on customers who wish to continue benefiting from existing M2M (Machine To Machine) services based on those technologies. This article shares some ideas to what service providers have to take into consideration when managing a 2G/3G Sunset situation and extending an Internet of Things service.

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From M2M to the Internet of Tanks

The tank telemetry customer value proposition exists since 2000. The main service is to prevent stock outs for property managers and distributors using Machine-to-Machine (M2M) type of connectivity. The latest Internet of Things technologies applied to tank telemetry (we call it “the Internet of Tanks”) allow to prepare new business models, reduce operational costs, build new sales and marketing propositions, digitalize and optimize processes with more efficiency than before.

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